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Customers Love the Convenience of Booking Online
Make life easy for your martial arts students with online booking.
They'll love the opportunity to book their next appointment from anywhere and at anytime.
Your WellnessLiving account comes with your own listing on the world’s largest and most trusted health and wellness directory where customers can book their next visit. Did we mention that your site is mobile-friendly too?
Embed To Your Site
In just a few simple steps, you can get your clients' attention with real-time martial arts class schedule updates embedded on your website.
iOS and Android Apps
With the WellnessLiving app for iPhone or Android devices, it's easy for your martial arts students to check their schedule, pay for services, and put together posts about their martial arts experiences to share on Facebook.
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Instant Email & SMS Notifications
Free your valuable time and resources by automatically sending email and SMS messages to your martial arts students and your staff to always keep them in the loop.

Easily Manage Your Schedule
Never again worry about whether your website is in sync with your schedule or about manually notifying your customers about time changes. Our cloud based software simplifies the toughest schedules allowing you to make changes on the fly. Everything is handled through an easy-to-use wizard that guides you through the entire process.
Build an Online Store and Start Selling Now
Selling products and services online shouldn’t be hard. We’ve made it so easy that you can have your online martial arts store up and running in no time at all.
Instantly Build a Store
Get all of your martial arts products and services online in minutes with our online store. It's easy to get started.
Sell Any Product or Service
Sell everything from products, services, memberships, courses, workshops — and anything else that you can imagine, all in your online store.
Process Cards for 1.49%
With our integrated credit card processing you'll cut transaction times by more than half and lower those fees by at least 20%.
Recurring Billing and ACH
We make it easy to setup recurring billing and automatic withdrawals for your memberships.
Stay Green, Email Receipts
With our paperless transaction receipts automatic emailing and online client transaction histories, you will reduce waste and stay green.
Works with the Latest Hardware
WellnessLiving integrates seamlessly with devices like a credit card reader, cash drawer, barcode scanner, key tags, and more.
All the Marketing Tools You’ll Ever Need
Our collection of proven marketing tools will help you acquire new customers, retain your existing ones, and win-back past customers, all from one place.
Mobile Campaigns
We've made it easy to create, target, and send mobile message campaigns to reach your on-the-go customers. Use our SMS feature to send text messages directly to your customer’s mobile phone.
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Featured Directory Listing
SEO & mobile-friendly
Get listed on the web’s most trusted wellness directory, where customers will be able to find your martial arts studio on the web and on their phone using our iPhone/Android apps. Automatically receive targeted advertising by increasing your exposure on relevant searches and on the websites of nearby businesses.
With your listing, we build you a mobile-friendly website that you can customize. From that site, clients can book appointments, reserve classes, make purchases, receive special promotions, and write reviews. Your custom martial arts website is automatically optimized for search engines, increasing your Google ranking and visibility to new local customers.
Track Who Opened Your Email Campaigns
We make it easy to send promotions and newsletters right from our application. Once you send out a campaign, we'll track its performance and tell you which customers have and haven’t opened the email. Then you can quickly re-send to the right customers with one click.
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Groupon Integration
Say goodbye to phone tag and needless administrative work and hello to automation. Because we integrate with Groupon, Livingsocial, Amazon, and others, your new customers can redeem their vouchers to book appointments and classes online at any time.
Fill Open Spots with WellnessLivingPromote
WellnessLivingPromote is the perfect way to promote open spots and excess capacity in your martial arts classes.
All you need to do is set the number of available spots and watch your classes fill with potential new members.
Social Media Manager – Coming Soon
Manage your Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and other social pages from one dashboard Make immediate or scheduled posts across all of your social profiles with a single click Use the dashboard to know what people are saying about your martial arts studio on Google, Yelp, Citysearch, Yahoo and more.
Acquire new local customers through WellnessLivingLocal
We drive client traffic from local non-competing businesses, which means a steady flow of new customers walking through your door. We do this by incentivizing customers who frequent businesses that are part of our network in your neighborhood to check out your martial arts studio, too.
Staff Schedules & Payroll Has Never Been Easier
Hours are tabulated for services performed and tied right back to an automated payroll report.
Your staff can check and change their schedules at any time, and send notifications whenever they make a change, such as booking or cancelling a session.
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Staff Glance
Although everyone has their own, there is one central calendar so everyone stays organized and connected. Easily synchronize your employees' schedules with your calendar to simplify managing and booking appointments and classes. Staff members have the option of syncing with their Gmail, Outlook or iCal calendars, too.
Improve Visibility of Staff Performance
Our system tracks everything.
At a glance, you will be able to see which employees are performing exceptionally well and which ones need more encouragement.
Staff Members Have All The Knowledge They Need at a Glance
All of your employees don't need to see every martial arts class booked every day. To keep things simple, we let each employee view their own schedule and setup their own notifications. This way, they always know right away about payments and can make cancellations without all the fuss.
Calculate Pay Automatically
Set Roles and Permissions
WellnessLiving will automatically generate your payroll report with one-click. Just set compensation by salary, hourly rate, attendance, commission, or any combination and watch our software do all the work for you. When it’s time to issue paychecks, you can even convert the information to Paychex®, ADP®, Exact Payroll Services and other formats instantly.
You have all the versatility you’ll ever need to grow your martial arts business. Each employee has a unique login, which you can use to define roles and permissions based on the job they do. We have several predefined roles and permission sets for front desk operators, studio managers, and more. You can even create your own roles and permissions.
The Information You Need, When You Need It
In fact, we've got a report for pretty much anything you'd want to find.
Get Started Now!

How many classes did Jennifer take last week?

How much did each staff member make last month?

How much sales tax did you collect last year?

QUICKSTATS TM – the information you need with one-click
With QUICKSTATS, everything is just one click away. Want a report on what happened this year, quarter, month, week, last 30 days, etc? Click QUICKSTATS TM and the report is automatically generated.
Have Complete Visibility
Because our system saves, stores and formats your data constantly, you can always pull any information you need.
Unlimited Custom Reports
Dozens of built-in, customizable reports that you can use immediately to see a detailed snapshot of your martial arts business.
Simplify Your Accounting
You have everything you need: account for sales, returns, tax collected, combined with your end-of-day reports.
Boost Your Online Reputation
WellnessLiving encourages and incentivize your customers to write reviews about your martial arts business by rewarding them for these reviews. We take those 5-star experiences and spread the glowing reviews across the internet to top sites, including Google.
Customer Reviews Matter!
Savvy shoppers often check online reviews before they buy, so what customers are saying about your martial arts business online is hugely important. WellnessLiving collects and showcases verified reviews from your customers and makes them available for all to see. Our built-in loyalty program gets your clients talking and sharing their experiences over reviews. Connecting with your clients has never been easier. Connecting with your clients has never been easier.
Your Reviews Everywhere
Reviews are automatically syndicated directly into Google where customers can find you instantly on the FIRST page. We automatically publish your verified customer reviews across the web, meaning each time you get a new customer review, it is published right on your website, Facebook page and WellnessLiving website.
Your Business in the Mobile Age
Clients will rave about their experience whether using your own mobile-friendly website or our WellnessLiving iPhone/Android app. We’ve made it easier than ever for clients to browse, book, and make payments right away.
Customers Find You
Customers Learn About You
As a WellnessLiving affiliated business, you will automatically be listed on the WellnessLiving app. With hundreds of thousands of people already accessing our app, you'll get a lot of opportunity to capture new customers in your area.
Clients can read reviews about your martial arts business, see who is working, check out trainer bios, view instructor pictures, and read descriptions of the services that you offer.
Customers Book on Their Phone
Clients can reserve a spot in your martial arts classes right from their smart phone. Your schedule and attendance list will be automatically updated in real-time, so everything is always accurate.
Customers Buy on Their Phone
You can sell any of the martial arts products or services you want to clients who will be able to buy them on their phone.
Customers Talk About You
We automatically ask your martial arts students to write about their experience at your business, which can be done quickly from their phone. Then, we instantly publish and syndicate your reviews all over the web.
Customer Loyalty is Priceless
To increase spending, you need to reward spending. We give you all the tools you'll ever need to turn all your customers into loyal, high-paying customers.
Incentive-based Rewards & Loyalty Program
You can offer your martial arts students points for performing certain actions such as booking online, referring a friend, buying a product, receiving a belt, or even sharing their experience on Facebook and Twitter.
Total Available Points
OMG?! I just got a month free because I referred you, you should refer Jen and get a free month also!! Im putting this on Facebook!!
Earn & Redeem
Your Own Expert
Live Leaderboard for Contests
Make every martial arts class even more fun by turning it into a game.
Get your clients challenging each other with the results of your contest on our digital leaderboard, collect scores and rank players dynamically. Award a grand prize to the highest ranked player.
Award Points for Sharing on Social Media
On social media, your martial arts students can share their reviews, activity, leaderboard score, your promotions, instructor profiles and so much more to get points.
Once they accumulate enough points, they can redeem the points for prizes.
Your clients can advertise for you, thanks to the power of social media and our rewards program.
Your Own Business Loyalty Expert
One of our Business Loyalty Experts can help you develop a loyalty strategy and program or you can start implementing our ready to use templates immediately.
Either way, you'll have an optimized program from day one.
  • 86%
    of businesses increase their revenue by adopting a rewards program.
  • 61%
    of customers prefer to shop at a business with a rewards program.
  • 55%
    of customers are more likely to refer their friends if they are rewarded.
  • 74%
    of businesses that offer a reward program see an increase in customer retention.
Put your Business on Auto-Pilot
We make running your martial arts business easy with hundreds of built-in automations. Set booking rules for classes and appointments, configure your automated email marketing and reminder emails, and create your rewards program. Watch our software do the rest.
Auto-Renewing & Recurring Billing
Each time a client visits your martial arts business, it's automatically deducted from from their class pass. When the pass runs out, you can set it to auto-renew and the customer will be billed and sent an email receipt automatically. For memberships, you can decide how often payments recur and if the amount should be charged on their credit card or debited directly from their bank account.
Expiring, Declined & Collections
When credit cards are expiring, you and the customer will be notified months in advance so there's never any conflict.
Email and SMS Notifications
We currently support over 100 automated email and SMS notifications, all of which are fully templated, customizable, and ready to use immediately. What's even better is that you can add an unlimited number of your own templates and send them based on the rules that you know work best for your martial arts business.
Automate Your Marketing
You can create a custom campaign in seconds and get up and running fast. Send emails or use our SMS feature to send text messages directly to your customer’s mobile phone. Messages are sent automatically based on a behavior like a purchase, visit count or number of days of inactivity. You can attract more leads and turn them into customers by automating your lead capture and email follow-up. Send a single email for special promotions or use auto-responders to send a personalized series of emails that nurture your leads. Spam scoring helps ensure your emails arrive in the inbox with a 99% deliverability rate.

With our MMA gym software, you give the client everything needed to make the most of your services. Using the MMA gym software, your clients can book classes with their phones, check the status of those classes, and even receive texts or emails if there are any schedule changes. This same MMA gym software also allows them to know when it’s time to renew their memberships, or to set up an automatic renewal. The MMA gym software will even notify them that it’s time to update credit card information so there is never an issue with membership fees or making purchases from your store.

You get to use WellnessLiving MMA software to manage your business with ease. The tools included in the MMA gym software allow for simple management of your Accounts Receivables and Payables. The system will post payments when clients pay membership dues or when they buy something from the online store. Your clients will love the fact that the MMA gym software sends electronic receipts for those purchases.

Contact us today and let us show you everything that WellnessLiving MMA gym software can do for you, your business operation, and your clients. Give it a try and the idea of using any other software will be out of the question.