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30 Day New Student Knightdale
30 Day New Student Knightdale

30 Days of Unlimited Yoga for Only $30 limited to the first 200 people
Honor Yoga, the nations leading Eco Beginner friendly Yoga and Meditation community studio is here!

Whether your seeking a physical practice, the desire to be more mindful, or to be part of a community, we are here to support you on your journey!

We believe that yoga is for everyone, whether it be those brand new to yoga or the experienced yogi! Explore all we have to offer for an Unlimited Charter Member offer of 30 days of Unlimited Yoga for only $30.

Your one-month membership will include over 100 classes varying from beginner intermediate and advance including meditation and specialty workshops and series.

By securing this 30 day trial membership you also hold the status of a charter member. Your special monthly charter rate will only be $89 ($300 annual savings) No obligation is necessary and you can cancel at any time.

Add to cart to be one of the first 200 charter members of Honor Yoga Knightdale!

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Clients can attend
Purchase Option type: Time-Based Pass
Clients can attend: Client can attend all current and future classes
Sessions: Unlimited
Duration: 1 month
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30 Day New Student Knightdale
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