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Beach Blitz
Beach Blitz

BEACH BLITZ is a unique tournament format. You register as a coed pair (1 male & 1 female).
Your pair plays with another pair each match, making a coed 4s team. You play against a variety of the other pairs and rotate all day with & against the other participants in the tournament. It is a great way to meet new volleyball friends and find a level of play that keeps you challenged.

Lots of play time, very little sitting off and prizes for top pairs.

We offer 2 levels of play:
A Division which is our Competitive Division &
B Division which is our Intermediate Division

Division Descriptions:

A Division: this is for players with good ball control, pass, set and spike accurately. Hits with power and used to big blockers and good defenders. Complete knowledge of the rules and tactics of the game and experience with a quick paced game.

B Division: for players with decent all around skills. Consistent but not error free passing. Serving, setting and spiking. Spikes are frequent but not 100 miles an hour and not hard inside the attack line.. Lots of long rallies in this division as ball control is good and attacking with hard spikes less frequent. You have to earn most of the points.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Thursday before the event. Call 416.222.3577or contact

Type: Event
Period: Nov 16, 2019 - Nov 16, 2019
Number of Sessions: 1
Days of week
Repeat every
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