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Kundalini: The Arc Line Protection and Projection


The Arc Line
Protection and Projection

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Workshop with Sukhpran Kaur
Women's Room, Chase Mill, Burlington

What happens when we strengthen the arc line? Dr. Ramdesh shares, If your aura is the vehicle of light in which you drive, the arc line is the steering wheel. It provides guidance to the aura (essentially communicating the “state of the union” of your body and mind). It also guides you by creating a field of protection that when rattled should (if you are clear and listening) alert you. As much as it gives internal guidance, it also projects external information. That is to say, that if your thoughts and feelings create your reality by offering a vibration to the Universe, then your arc line is the transmitter that sends out the signal. How strong or how weak your arc line is directly corresponds to the strength and integrity of the signal. Both intuitive information that you are receiving (protection) and the power of the information you are sending out (projection) are influenced by the arc line. The strength of an arc line is affected by integrity. You have to keep your word and live up to the message you project to others. You can’t be all talk and have a strong arc line. Arc lines act as a mini-recorder, picking up vibrations and absorbing them. The additional arc line on a woman (the one from nipple to nipple) is extremely sensitive in particular. It is that arc line which many Kundalini yoginis protect by wearing a chuni draped over their shoulders.

The arc line can carry imprints of any relationship, but particularly sexual relationships. Men and women both have an arc line from ear to ear (the 'halo'), and women have an additional arc line from nipple to nipple (to care for babies). Men tend to hold the energy of a partner in their arc line for one month. Women on average hold the energy of the partner in the arc line for 7 years. If the arc line is weak, it can be much longer, even a lifetime. Often, misunderstandings, confusion in relationship may not be about the energy in your current relationship at all, it could be like ‘crossed wires’ with a past relationship energy and pattern still held in the arc line. It can be the same with thinking about someone from the past a lot. It may actually be their energy in your arc line that you are still tending to. In Kundalini Yoga, we find technology that can clear the energy in the arc line much more quickly, and strengthen the arcline, resulting in clearer, healthier relationships, a clear projection outward, and an inner ‘knowing’ of the signals coming to you and where they are coming from.

We honor ourselves, all our relationships, and significantly improve our communication in relationship by strengthening the arc line.

Sunday, October 20, 1-4pm
$25 pre registration; $30 day of


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