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Mini VYbE Ages 5-7 Annual Training Programs (Hip Hop)
Mini VYbE Ages 5-7 Annual Training Programs (Hip Hop)

For young children interested in dance, start in Mini-VYbE to be introduced to Hip Hop movement and have fun staying active. Classes will focus on the development of motor skills, memory and discipline. Mini VYbErs will learn to move to age-friendly music through choreographed routines with kid-friendly music, and be able to socialize with others.

Director: Ksenia Judeikin
Class Times: Saturdays 10:30am-11:30am
Level: Open
Style: Hip Hop
Age: 5-7



  • Dance Training with top industry and community leaders in the GTA
  • Join our team(s) and make lasting friendships with other students with the same passion as you
  • Receive high quality, professionally produced and edited dance videos every term
  • Exclusive reduced rates for Company Members to take Open Classes for $5 - over 70% off!



  1. Create a Parent account under your name.
  2. Under “My Profile” click into “+ Family Member” to create an account for each of your kid(s). This way, you can manage all of your family member’s accounts and pay through the Parent Account, and the proper name (your kids’, not yours) will be on the class attendance list.
  3. You must fill in the Waiver and Release form for all family members before you can register for any services at VYbE.



REFERRAL REBATE: Refer someone new to the Annual Training Programs and you’ll both receive $50 off your registrations! Simply email us your receipts to and we’ll process the rebate by November, 2020.

TWICE THE FUN: Join 2 teams and get an extra $150 off! A rebate will be sent back to you once enrolment to two (or more) programs are confirmed.

THE BEST PART: Discounts can all be STACKED. *Subject to change without notice, all discounts must be valid and not past the deadlines indicated above.

Special Instructions


Programs will now be considered annual programs and will be organized in terms:

Fall - October to December  (9-11 sessions)
Winter - January to March (9-11 sessions)
Spring - April to June (9-11 sessions)
Summer - July to August (7-8 sessions)

This purchase option is to pay Fall, Winter, Spring Terms in full.
You may choose the pre-authorized auto-payment by term, but must still be registered for all Fall, Winter and Spring Terms for the 2020-2021 Program.


We continue to close follow the guidelines and updates Canada and Ontario Government provide us. At this point, we will pivot our Annual Showcase to 3 rounds of Professional Quality Videos with each team. Please follow all the guidelines indicated in our Updated Policies and Procedures here.

Type: Event
Period: Oct 10, 2020 - Oct 10, 2020
Number of Sessions: 1
Days of week
Repeat every
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