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The Body Primer - Body Rolling + Release Workshop
The Body Primer - Body Rolling + Release Workshop

An experiential introduction to a powerful body rolling practice

In this workshop, you'll strategically massage, knead, stretch, and roll out your body to produce feelings of yoga euphoria and jellyfish limbs!

Chantill Lopez, anatomy guru and master movement teacher, will guide you deep into your hips, shoulders, feet and spine. Using various sized therapeutic balls, you'll effectively break down knots, release tension, create space, and increase energy flow.

You'll get where your yoga practice can’t. You'll feel amazingly free and so much lighter and you'll make  your yoga practice more effective.

If you love massage, if you love a deep yoga practice, if you have tension and knots…you'll love this experience.

Workshop attendees will get a bath house drop-in soak at a discounted price when purchased with Roll & Release.

Workshop only price $40

Workshop + Bathhouse $60

Workshop Cancellation Policy
Because Asha's teachers invest a lot of time and energy into planning their workshops they are nonrefundable. If you're unable to attend, maybe a gracious friend will take your spot!

Special Instructions

*Wear yoga clothing.

(Type: Event, Period: Sep 24, 2017 - Sep 24, 2017, Sessions: 1)
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