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Summer Camp - Advance Deposit Per Student

This is the advance deposit for summer camp for one (1) participant for Ready Set Gig's 2020 Summer Camp Season!. Price for one camper is $325 per week, less any discounts applicable at the time of purchase. Only 1 deposit required per camper to reserve a spot for any 2020 summer camp week. Camps run Monday thru Thursday during the summer, according to the calendar posted on The schedule of camp weeks is as follows:

June 8th-11th - OPENING ACT (Beginner)

June 15th-18th - IMAGINE DRAGONS (All Skill Levels)

June 22-25th - AC/DC VS. METALLICA (Intermediate)

July 6th-9th - OPENING ACT (Beginner)

July 13th-16th - POP DIVAS: POST MALONE VS. BILLIE EILISH (All Skill Levels)

July 20th-23rd - NIRVANA (All Skill Levels)

July 28th-31st - QUEEN (All Skill Levels)

After you pay the deposit, a member of RSG staff will contact you with details about completing enrollment. Remaining balance for the camp(s) due the first day of camp. Drop-off begins at 8 AM; doors lock and music education programming begins at 9 AM. Campers should bring a sack lunch or money to purchase food at a nearby restaurant. Pickup is by 3 PM. Late pickup is optional and costs $10 per day. Please contact us at the school at 702-688-5553 with questions.  Thanks!

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