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Yoga Instructor course
Yoga Instructor course


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20 weeks
Core modules of Yoga Instructor course - 200 hours, Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga Online Course from Yoga Synergy, Advanced Yoga Fundamentals Online Course from Yoga Synergy
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Teacher Training course | 200 hours

Should you be passionate about yoga and keen to share your positive experience?
In our Teacher Training 200 hours course you will learn the foundations of yoga and the elements of practice - asana, kriya, pranayama, meditation and more. With our self-practice module, you’ll obtain practical knowledge and develop professional confidence necessary for interacting with Yoga students to deliver your message of Yoga in an efficient, safe and cordial manner.

As the result of the course, you will receive a standard 200 hours Yoga Instructor qualification certificate allowing you to obtain professional insurance and conduct classes independently.

Trainee insurance - 12 months at Hatha Yoga Space
Advised individual practice - 70 hours
Theory and practice:
- sequencing - 30 hours
- adjustments - 16 hours
- dealing with clients, safety & code of conduct - 6 hours
Practical teaching under supervision - 10 hours
Mentoring and informational support - 20 hours
In addition to the core modules, this course includes two online courses:
Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga from Yoga Synergy - 24 hours (RRP $587)
Advanced Yoga Fundamentals from Yoga Synergy - 24 hours (RRP $587)

Total Hours / Units - 200
Term - 5 months (recommended)
Investment - $2600 paid as $1000 enrollment fee and installments over 20 weeks period.

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