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Nia is fusion aerobics fitness program that blends dance, martial arts, yoga and other healing modalities into one 55 minutes unique experience. Guided by the teachers with their pearls of wisdom in a combination of Nia's signature 52 moves, with eclectic and universal music as backdrop, you co-create a magical experience of self expression and self exploration.
Nia classes are practiced barefoot so you can sense the body from head to toe. Students and advocates love Nia because it reaches people emotionally, in their hearts, motivating them to get fit and healthy. Nia encourages fitness at every size. Fitness, health, well-being, and self-love naturally result from the Nia experience.

Beginners are welcome to any Nia class and no experiences needed. Students are empowered to make movement choices to fit their needs, and find freedom within forms.

As a program with global reach, Nia is a great compliment to other exercise programs including running, Pilates and yoga.

Special Instructions