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Get a new spin on life and fitness with hoopdancing! This upbeat, aerobic workout blends the invigoration of cardio with a mind-body connection while improving balance, flexibility and core strength. We will hoop at the waist, hips and off the body while moving and dancing with the hoop.
No prior hula hooping experience needed. Just come ready to have fun!!

In this class you will:

  • Learn new moves
  • Use/Create variations of learned techniques
  • Incorporate and transition between techniques
  • Translate hoop techniques to other props.

All levels welcome.

Studio hoops are provided for use during class, or bring your own hoopdance hoop (this is not the same as your child’s plastic hoop). Hoops are also available for purchase.

Cost: $15 drop in or 4 for $48.
People can register for classes by sending payment to

Special Instructions