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Level 1 

Tango Curious Program (2 Months Duration)

Level 1 covers the fundamentals of tango and is designed for complete beginners. Everyone is welcome, neither experience nor a partner required, nor good balance, good musicality, or good posture. Those things you will gain by learning tango. Tango Curious Program teaches basic tango steps & patterns, concepts of communication with your partner, musicality, self-awareness, and floorcraft. The goal of the program is to guide and support you in becoming a confident and comfortable social dancer who understands tango traditions, codes of conduct, and their history. The program is supported by weekly practice where you are welcome to polish your skills and meet other members of the community in a relaxing environment. After finishing the program, you are welcome to join Level 2 to continue your progress at your own pace. This is a safe and inclusive community and we are happy to welcome you to our tango family. 



Classes structure: *singular drills and exercise to improve balance, and movement awareness *partner drills to focus on connection presence and listening *technicality of new steps and vocabulary *dancing and practicing with partner and having fun all the time! 


Group Classes
1 Class $15 each
Practica $10 each

Monthly Packages
One Level per Month $55 for 4 classes
Two Levels per Month $80 for up to 8 classes
8 Weeks Program $100

Special Instructions

Drop in welcome. You can also stay for the Milonga after.