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Want to get in shape and relieve stress at the same time? Then Boxercise is for you!

Join this amazingly fun class where you will be instructed on how to properly hit and kick a standing bag, focus mitts etc. Let the music and instructors move you to a level you've never reached before. All levels of fitness welcome.

Special Instructions

QF Fitness Protocol:

  1. Pre registration for classes and open gym using “Achieve” app. Email us directly at if you need technical assistance. 

  2. Pre registration will be available starting Saturday, June 13th 2020. 

  3. Pre registration for any class/open gym will be available a week out before the class

  4. Max 7 members per class 

  5. Members must wait outside in vehicle or out in parking lot practicing social distancing until main entrance door (West Front Entrance) is open/unlocked 

  6. Members will be greeted by staff at the entrance and all members must wear masks/face shields. All active members will be given a QF Antibacterial/Washable Face Mask upon arrival. 

  7. Temperatures will be taken and anyone with fever/flu symptoms will not be allowed to enter facilities  

  8. Member will be given dedicated area #1-#7. Once a member reaches the designated area, at this point they’re allowed to remove face covering. 

  9. Note that all self articles (ex: shoes, keys, clothing) will not be left at the main entrance; must be taken to the designated area. 

  10. Members are recommended to bring full water bottles. Water station will not be available at this time 

  11. Once class is completed, members must spray disinfectant and wipe equipment (provided by QF Fitness) in designated areas. Members will then put face covering on and allow trainers to hot steam the equipment. 

  12. Members will be directed to leave the back east entrance 1 by 1 and leaving 6 ft of separation (social distancing).