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Level 2 Tango Explorer program.

Level 2 provides the essentials of tango social dancing: * master classic tango patterns * become creative in building up your own tango style * learn tools to make your dance dynamic and interesting * gain depth to understanding of connection with your partner and tango music * be part of the discussions about inclusivity and the evolution of tango * learn to trust and become more comfortable in choosing when to trust * become an active listener and present in the moment This cycle is designed for tango dancers who have completed Level 1 "Tango Curious" Program or other beginners’ classes, so they are knowledgeable of basic terms and moves, and can build from that foundation. The program is ongoing, operating on a 4-5 week cycle with a different focus and topic for each cycle.  

Classes are balanced between techniques of body movement and emotional connection through the dance. Open conversations on psychology of tango and its input in our life. Techniques bring higher awareness of your body, focusing on nonverbal communication with the partner to create very smooth movement together. Establishing clear understanding of the leader and follower role in the dance to become one. Musicality classes to allow you to feel the entire depth of the beautiful Argentinian Tango music and to find you own way to interpret it on the dance floor. 

Group Classes
1 Class $15 each
Practica $10 each

Monthly Packages
One Level per Month $55 for 4 classes
Two Levels per Month $80 for up to 8 classes
8 Weeks Program $100

Special Instructions