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This class is chance for grownups to explore the world of a toddler! We sing, chant, move, play, breathe and relax. Our curriculum is rooted in play and meets toddlers at their level. This class encourages parents or caregivers to join in on the fun to develop the most special bond with your little yogi. In this specialized class, the use of instruments and beats will be incorporated with movement and play! Kids will be able to explore different instruments and learn to follow the beat of the music with their bodies.

Benefits of Toddler Yoga & Music:

  • aids in socialization
  • give toddlers and grown-ups tools to help with self-regulation
  • body and spacial awareness
  • teaches listening skills
  • healthy, positive movement
  • parent & child connection through play
  • teaches rhythm
  • helps with creative development

Special Instructions

Single drop-in rate and passes are for 2 participants. Additional participants are an extra charge.