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2019 Fall enduranceWERX Indoor Training Series - NYC

Oct 1st 2019 - Dec 19th, 2019  (11 weeks)

  • Tues. and Thurs. Program (1:15 hr)
  • New 2019 Wahoo Kickr Trainers, UPDATED workouts!
  • Limited to 6 spots per class, first-come first-served!
  • Bike Valet available through JS Cycle

2019 Fall Session Details:

What?  This Fall there are two options; choose either 2 classes/wk in our 10 week off-season indoor training series or attend classes as a drop in. Results come from a consistent, structured plan so we emphasize series sign-ups but do offer the flexibility of drop-ins. We design the series around a Tues. and Thurs. class rotation. 

THIS YEAR, indoor training series participants also get a FREE basic TrainingPeaks account and training plan built around the indoor sessions and based on your training goals for 2020. 

Where? Classes held in JS Cycle @ 1842 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. (112th St.) in Harlem. Two blocks north of Harlem Hill in Central Park. 

When? Choose from the following class program options:

  • 2 classes/wk - Select your Tues. and Thurs. class times below
  • Drop in. - Sign up is allowed 1 week ahead for open spots.  

Below are daily class times:

  • Tues: 5:45-7:00 am, 7:15- 8:30 am 
  • Thurs: 5:45-7:00 am, 7:15- 8:30 am 

What do I get? Classes led by certified USA Cycling-Certified coaches. Guaranteed spot for training series sign-ups, limited to 6 spots/class. Optional 10 week training plan and basic TrainingPeaks account designed around your individual goals for 2019 from a USAC certified cycling coach.  

Cost?  $594 for 2 classes/wk ($27/class), and $35/class for drop in. No classes the week 11/26/18 (Thanksgiving). We also offer a book of 10 classes for 30/class to be used on a drop-in basis at your discretion. 

Do you have Showers? No. We do have towel service. 


Do you store bikes? JS Cycle will provide Valet Service for bikes. With 24h advance notice bikes can be checked and washed prior to taking it out for weekend rides throughout the Fall. Space is limited to 10 bikes. Valet pricing is $125/month. If you sign up by October 15th you get the first 3 months for $100/mo. (payment up front required to get the deal). We house and take care of setting up and taking down your bikes for class. All you have to do is show up. We no longer offer laundry service but do provide towels. 

Do you offer any other Classes in the FALL? No, but we DO plan to offer additional classes in our WINTER sessions starting January 2020.

We look forward to seeing you!

Special Instructions

ALL class participants must sign a Waiver prior to class. We will do everything we can to accommodate unfortunate circumstances but missed classes can only be made up that week. Missed days do not carry over week to week. If you know the dates of classes you will miss please provide them when you sign up so we can get you in an alternate class ASAP. Class expectations below. If you have any questions please email or call. 

Class Expectations:

  1. Please arrive 5-10 min early.
  2. If you are comfortable and know how to do so please set your bike up as you walk into class on your trainer. We will be there to assist you but it is always a help getting things started on time if class participants can set up their own bike if it is busy.
  3. We will try to set you up on the same trainer each week for consistency but this may not always possible.
  4. If you ride in with a bike and it is raining/snowing towels will be placed in the entryway. Please wipe down your bike before you set it up in the studio.