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What is Qi Gong ?

(pronounced chee-gong)

Qi = life force energy, prana

Gong =  the skillful work

The ancient Chinese healing art of Qi Gong is a series of gentle, natural exercises that regulate the flow of Qi in the mind and body. Qi Gong cultivates and directs energy through the meridians (energy pathways) strengthening the internal organs and soothing the central nervous system. Qi Gong mirrors the movement of water-especially the fluidity of water.

Cultivating energy begins with activating internal energy by focusing the mind, breathing exercises, warm ups and stretches.   Then flowing movements synchronized with the breath circulate energy throughout the energy system . While the body is moving, the mind remains calm and in the present moment which is why Qi Gong is often described as moving meditation.

Qi Gong amplifies the internal energy of practitioners, enabling them to become full of vitality, emotionally balanced and spiritually connected. This creates inner balance and harmony that leads to longevity and a deep sense of purpose in life.  Following a Qi Gong practice, one feels a unique combination of being energized, relaxed and clear minded.

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