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CYCLING®- is a 55 minute indoor group cycling class; a one-of-a-kind, cycling workout is broken into intervals of cardio, strength, and recovery training zones. One day maybe a ride in the mountains of Europe and another day could be intervals of High Intensity to drive you thru to the FINISH line.
With MYZONE heart-rate-monitored training, our workout is designed to keep YOU in the target zone essential to increase your metabolism, energy and cardiovascular capacity.
These rides are led by a skilled cycling coach. Cyclist use a variety of training drills to burn up to 1000 calories per ride.
The results are inevitable: more energy, tighter butt and legs and the after burn effect. Burn calories all day while you work or all night while you sleep.
Bring your cycling shoes and ride harder. We are compatible with SPD, LOOK DELTA and regular cages for think sole cross trainer shoes. We don't recommend light and thin shoes on this ride.

Special Instructions