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As we mature we can benefit from healthy movement, we can use a reminders of good posture and proper alignment. Good posture and proper align should just be part of our routine like brushing your teeth. Pilates is a low-impact, safe form of strength training. Pilates has also been known to cleanse your vital organs and lubricate your joints making you feel years younger in a session. In class we will work to strengthen and stretch for a strong, pain free, and limber body. Pilates is often recommended by Physicians and Physical Therapists because of it benefits.
The benefits of Pilates for more mature people include: improved posture, stamina and strength, along with improving balance and reducing your risk of falls. Whatever your size, strength or endurance, Pilates is beneficial for anyone. If you are suffering from arthritis, postural difficulties or bone density problems, Pilates might also help you.


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