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Class 15 Rear Naked Choke GU16 and Triangle Choke GU 12 (Giant Killer | Stage 3) 

Rear Naked Choke If we can wrap our sneaky arms around his neck, we have several reliable chokes that can help us end the fight. In this lesson we will learn the Guillotine Choke for when the attacker lowers his head to tackle you, and the Rear Naked Choke for anytime we find ourselves behind an assailant.

Triangle Choke If you are trapped in a confined space with a sexual predator, escape may not be an option. In this lesson, we teach you multiple chokes from the guard position, allowing you to render the attacker unconscious from the bottom of the fight! We will begin with one of the most famous jiu-jitsu techniques of all time, the Triangle Choke!

Special Instructions