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Small Group vs. Group Training

1. Individual program: You will be given your own training program that you will follow within the small group framework, every movement you perform will be specific to your training goal. There is no “one size fits all” in this format.

2. Deadline specific: You may have three months to get in shape for a wedding or holiday.  This format allows us to reverse engineer a program so you peak at the desired date, a traditional group class doesn’t give you this option.

3. Cheaper then personal training: Small group training is less than half the price of personal training which makes it more affordable and sustainable for most people.

4. Variety of equipment: We use equipment that we wouldn’t normally use during our group sessions.  This gives the coaches extra tools to use to help you achieve your goals.

5. More coaching time per person:  Our group classes are capped at 16 people, our small group training is capped at 4 people, therefore you should receive 4 times more coaching than an average group class member. 

6. Best of both worlds: Small group training offers the social environment of a group class which helps to motivate and encourage you but also gives you the custom programming and extra attention normally only found with personal training.

Special Instructions

NO DROP-INS.  By appointment only.  Text or Call Kevin at 908-803-8019 to reserve your spot.