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This class is at Studio U in Saint Louis Park.

What trick are you working on? Let our instructor know and we can give you progressions to be able to obtain that trick in no time!

This class mixes all levels with combinations and variations of tricks for any level. Be prepared to be inspired as you connect pieces and see how base moves can be modified into new shapes.

Pre-requisite: New students may register for this class, however, may find this class challenging due to the mix skill levels.  

Special Instructions

This class will be held at Studio U at the following location -
1550 Utica Ave S. St. Louis Park, MN

Studio U is located in the lower level of the 1550 Tower office building directly behind the Shops at the West End.

The parking ramp entrance for the 1550 Tower is located behind the building on Duke Drive. You will want to park on the Lob-by level (L) to enter the building once in the building take the elevator connected to the parking ramp down to level B2 (you will see a sign for Studio U next to the B2 button on the right side of the elevator). The elevator will open to a small lobby with 4 stairs up to a door to enter the floor. Take a left and you will find Studio U down the hall, the last door on the right.