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Personal Training, formerly small group training is semi-private training in a group of 1-4 people that is customized to help you excel and get the results you desire. You will benefit from hands on coaching and tailored programming to meet your personal needs. Plus you will have ongoing accountability and support from your fellow group members.

Strength and Mobility

Training sessions integrate foam rolling, a dynamic warm up to stretch and prepare the body, plus hip mobility and low back strengthening.  We focus on improving balance, core strength, flexibility and overall strength so your body can move better. When your body moves better and you are stronger, day-to-day life will be easier. Whether you are chasing kids, outside gardening, lifting and pushing heavy items at work or sitting at a desk all day, exercise will be a game changer.  You will gain energy, get more done, sleep better and feel less stressed.

Have More Fun!

If you love to be outside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, focused workouts will boost all of your activities from hiking, cycling, running, golfing, mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing, climbing – you name it! Once you start training with us you will see faster and better results over a shorter period of time. Not only will you feel better, you’ll look better too!

Special Instructions