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Levels: 1+ Pre-reqs: Not recommended as a first class. Prior pole experience necessary. Must have completed either Intro to Pole 4-Week Series, four or more Level 1 classes, or Instructor permission. 

In this class we will break down skills and explore variations of spins, transitions, and floor work. Build body awareness and confidence while flowing to and from the floor with creative sequencing. Develop your own flow and incorporate new skills in a structured free dance at the end of class. Bring: Knee pads or leg warmers to protect knees. Booty shorts and layers. Barefoot or socks. Heels welcome but not necessary

Special Instructions

There is a 2 person registration minimum for this class. If that minimum is not met by 2pm the day the class is scheduled, class will be canceled. Clients will receive notification if class is canceled and be refunded for class price if non-member.

**Doors may be locked during class hours. Doors will open 15 minutes prior to next class.**

Please take note of our class policies:

Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for your first class.
All class punch cards have expiration dates starting at the time of purchase. Please note those expiration dates. Students will be notified as their punch card expiration date approaches.
Liability waivers are required to be sign prior to entering class.
Do not apply any lotions or oils prior to class. Remove all jewelry, watches, etc that could pinch or scratch the poles or tear fabric.
Street shoes are not allowed in the studio.
To avoid injuries & class disruptions, those arriving more than 10 minutes after the start of class will not be allowed to participate.
This class is gender inclusive except for those explicitly noted.
Classes are ages 18+.
Classes, Packages, Events, Sessions & Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. Packages may not be shared.
A late cancellation or no show fee may be applied. Please cancel at least 6 hours in advance to avoid fee.
Your deal may not be used in combination with any other offers or promotions.
Please do not use your phone during class instruction. Your instructor will leave time for pictures and videos if you wish. But phone use during class instruction is highly discouraged for your own safety.
Canceling classes: Registering for class is important to ensure that 1) we meet minimum attendance requirement, and 2) guarantees you a spot in class. If you do not register, we cannot guarantee that we can let you in class or class may not be on the schedule. You can cancel your registration.
-Early Cancel: To cancel without penalty, you must cancel your registration 8 hours or more prior to class. You will receive the credit for the class back to your account without penalty.

-Late Cancel: If you must cancel less than 8 hours before class, you will loose that class credit if you have a punch card or will be charged $6.00 late cancel fee.

-No Show: If you are registered for class and do not cancel and do not show, you will loose that class credit if you have a punch card or will be charged $8.00 late cancel fee.

This class will be held at the following location -

2216 Central Ave. Minneapolis, MN
There is parking on the street in front of the building or there are 10 parking spots behind the building.