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“Buti” is a Sanskrit word that means “a cure that has been hidden or kept secret”. This workshop reveals the beauty of this Buti—we will go deep into the foundations of the asana and the spiraling techniques used in this evolution of the Vinyasa practice. If you love dance, want to open your chakra channels, and elevate your ideas of what yoga can do for you, then this workshop is for you. 
Come connect to our ancestors with tribal dance, from Polynesian to Native American to West African! These dance movements will be infused into the yoga practice to shift the way you move through asana sequences. Add in elements of strengthening and conditioning, with pranayama and mudra, and you have every tool in the book to elevate your yoga practice. We will also be covering ways to release tension and trauma through movement, as well as create greater expansion and feel the Divine awaken this healing practice in you. 
The first half will be lecture based with posture clinics, mastering movements and concepts that will be used later. The second half will be an hour Buti Yoga class where we will apply all the techniques we have learned!

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