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Fourteen years ago, Jill Hewlett founded the Women’s Wellness Circle of York Region as a way to nurture, uplift and empower women. In 2012 she launched another vision into reality with the expansion of Circle to her current home base in Toronto.

Now there are many wonderful Circle hosts, with multiple locations to choose from each month, and Radiant Joy Living is proud to have joined the community of hosts.

Circle will be held at Radiant Joy Yoga in Uxbridge, on the first Friday of the month (unless otherwise noted). Each monthly Circle carries a unique and inspired theme as we invite gifted presenters to share with the groups. You are welcome to join in whenever it fits into your schedule or the speaker and topic of the month draws you.

We are SO excited to be able to bring this incredible opportunity for community & caring, back to Uxbridge and its surrounding neighbours, and can't wait to meet new friends and faces.

The cost to participate is $20., and events are for women aged 18+.

2019 Circles:

June - Energy Medicine w/ Sarah J Palumbo
July - TBD
August - New Moon Intention Setting w/ Michelle Margaret
September - WorkLife Wellness w/ Amy Davies
October - Pelvic Floor Health w/ Dr. Lynne Racette
November - TBD
December - TBD

Special Instructions