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This 90 minute work shop, led by Nicole Garvin, will help you become more aware of your alignment and form with the use of blocks to make your practice safe, sustainable, strengthening. This class will show you how to use blocks to assist and deepen your yoga practice. Come prepared to sweat and learn lots of ways to use these props! 

The class will start with vinyasa (several breath based flows) to warm up the body then move into work-shopping and discussing the following poses: 


Anjaneasana: Cresent lung 

Uttkatasana: Chair pose

Plank pose

Adho Mukha Svanasana: Down Dog

Ardha Parsvottanasana: Pyramid


There will be time to ask questions and one on one support will be offered to ensure that you are practicing the pose in a way that works for your unique body.


When: Tuesday July 23rd at 7pm

Cost: $25

($20 for Annual Members must purchase at front desk)


*Space is limited to 15


Special Instructions