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Taught by senior instructors, this class is slower paced to allow more time spent holding each posture, refining alignment, and focussing on breath. Explore modifications and adaptations of postures to discover the variations that suit you best. Each class may provide a variety of standing, balancing, seated and lying postures along with breath work and meditation.

This is a class intended to teach you the essentials of yoga for a balance of strength, flexibility, and energy for the entire body and mind. Classes may have a mini workshop-like feel. It provides the foundational preparatory work needed for flow-style classes at Longevita.


This class will be held in the hot room with the temperature set to 85-90 degrees. Come to class well hydrated!
• THIS CLASS IS GREAT FOR: All levels, including those brand-new to yoga and those wanting to build strength and flexibility for a more advanced practice.
• THIS CLASS IS NOT FOR: Clients with an acute, active injury; May not be suitable for pregnant clients because it is a heated class. Please speak to the instructor before class.
• MUST BRING: Mat, towel and water

Special Instructions