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On Ramp is pre-requesite prior to attending Hoosier CrossFit classes, and non-refundable once signed up.  On Ramp is a class for all new members, regardless of fitness level.  You will learn...

- how to safely lift and learn new skills
- how we interpret CrossFit as a sport & meeting the range of motion standards within all movements
- how to read the workouts & speak the lingo

We'll also get to know YOU. Strength and conditioning benchmarks provide our coaches with information to help ensure you're getting the perfect workout.

1.With the 2 week on ramp, you will also receive 2 weeks of CrossFit classes included in the On Ramp price.

2. If you miss 1+ classes, private training sessions (additional fees apply) will be scheduled prior to eligibility in attending CrossFit classes.  Let us know if you are going to be absent.

3. When siging up for On Ramp, you are committing to at least 1 month auto-pay of CrossFit Classes afterwards, not including partial month pro-rate after On Ramp.

4. On Ramp and the 1st month's Hoosier CrossFit classes membership is non-refundable.

A full list of membership and gym policies are listed on the rates/policies page of

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