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$275 earlybird thru April 3rd
$295 Day of
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April 4th- Sat 1-6
April 5th- Sun 1-6 
With all we do in our lives, we rarely stop to rest.
Though some of us may get a good nights sleep,
fatigue seems to be our baseline. Restorative yoga postures help us learn to relax and rest completely. During this state of deep relaxation, all the organ systems of the body are benefited. To truly relax means quantifiable improvement of immune function, digestion, fertility, elimination and the reduction of muscle tension and blood pressure.
In this training we will learn the art and skill of teaching restorative yoga.
Topics covered
-the science of relaxation
- foundations of the nervous system and the subtle body
-the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of restorative yoga
Teaching techniques covered
-how to sequence 
-how to SEE and adapt postures for individual needs
-the use of props
-The use of voice, verbal cueing and music 
-The thread of dharma and the use of story  
-Pranayama and its place in Restorative yoga
-Incorporating restoratives in traditional hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga group classes, and in your private practice 
-The therapeutic impact of restoratives during times of illness, injury, pain & other stressors
-Hands on adjustments post #metoo movement
Restorative Teacher Training Level 1 provides participants with a clear understanding of the roles of the nervous system and subtle energy body and how they relate to relaxation and Restorative Yoga. You are guided into a practical understanding of how restorative poses can be used  to create balance, quiet, and renew energy. You will learn skills to help you create deeply transformative poses through the use of voice, verbal cueing, and props. Trainees with also practice tuning in to the subtle energy of their students, developing the ability to sense and see physical and energetic misalignments and how to manage them.
Each session will be highly practical, giving you the chance to practice a range of restorative postures, as well as including hands-on adjustments and discussion. Upon completion, participants will be able to create, guide, and practice a customized Restorative Yoga practice for themselves and others.
Nina Siemaszko is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher (CIYT). She holds a 500 hr E-RYT, completing her 200hr at  Rising Lotus Yoga and 300 with Noah Maze. She is a certified Yoga therapist (IAYT).  She is part of the teacher training program at RLY, The Tree and Yogaratna.  She sends a big thanks to B.K.S Iyengar for stressing the importance and benefits of the restorative practice  and encouraging us to “let go and let loose”. 

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