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Iyengar Ignite! 8-week series. This is a quick-paced beginner’s series for healthy people under the age of 50. Learn classical asanas (postures) in a clear step-by-step method.  Recommended for those with no Iyengar Yoga experience. This is the foundation necessary before coming to Intermediate level classes. We start learning how to stand upright properly, and finish learning how to go upside down! Two modules over 8 weeks.

Module A--Stand Tall, Get Moving!  In the first 4 weeks we focus on alignment in standing postures with stability. Gradually open the hips, hamstrings, and chest. Increase stamina while learning to align muscles, bones, and joints. 

Module B: Digest Better, Sleep Better, Chill Out: in the second 4 weeks, we keep up our stamina, chest opening, and hamstring work, and apply these capabilities to learn inversions. Shoulder Stand and Plow Posture improve digestion and hormonal balance, and de-stress the nervous system. Simple restorative postures introduced for quieting the mind.

Make up classes are allowed in the other Iyengar Ignite! Class. For example, if you registered for the Tuesday night series but will be gone for one or two classes, you can cancel one day in advance and reschedule a make-up in the Sunday class. Just let us know.

Special Instructions

Students should wear shorts or tights, and a tee shirt. Sweat pants are allowed but not ideal because we can't make out your knee aligment. Come to class with an empty stomach (don't eat one-two hours before class). We provide mats and other props. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early. Park in the studio driveway or on studio side of street, not accross the street. We start on time and end on time.