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Imagine a class where education on anatomy, proper movement mechanics, self treatment techniques is the “norm”.  Wouldn’t this have been nice to have learned in school?  Essentially a “User’s Guide” to the body…or rather what “Physical Education” should or COULD be.  Dani West, our in house physiotherapist is determined to make this “a thing”.  A class where you get to learn more about your body, some “physio hacks” and little “tips and tricks” she teaches her clients in clinic.  Now you get exclusive access to this information BEFORE something happens.  Doesn’t preventative medicine make more sense than re-active medicine?  It’s essentially a class that will teach you SIMPLE life hacks that will not only make your body feel great in the process, but it will essentially prevent you from getting an injury… Currently nursing an injury anyways? Great.  Come to class and maybe learn some self treatment techniques for it.  

Always struggled with flexibility and hate that you can’t touch your toes?  Does a roll up seem like the most painful thing ever?  Or maybe double leg kick is your arch nemesis (because really, isn’t it everyone’s?!)  Or dread when Bonny-Lynn does that “stand-to-floor” test because you fall like a wet blanket to the floor every. dang. time?!  Get more out of your pilates class from learning a few little tips and tricks in this “Physio Hacks” class.  But more importantly, get more out of life.  Because isn’t it crazy how we know more about trigonometry than we do about what’s in our own foot?  

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