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Early AM Boot Camp is part of our Early AM Series and is for those of us that need to get up and get it done first thing in the morning.  This is a 45 minute total body workout.

Workouts will consist of plyometric, cardio, and strength training exercises.  The core of our workout will be circuit training where we combine strength training and cardio for maximum results.  Each class the workout will be different but will always work every major muscle group and increase your heart rate.  We may do push ups, pull ups, squat jumps and sprints.  Whatever we do – you will get results and you will feel yourself get stronger each week.  

Special Instructions

Please bring mat, water and a set of dumbbells to class.  If you don't have any - no worries. The instructor will bring extras!  If you think you need weights you can email Laura at so she can be sure you have some!