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FOR THE HEALTH AND WELLNESS OF OUR COMMUNITY, THIS CLASS IS TEMPORARILY ONLINE ONLY STARTING 3/9/2020 ||  Class will be adjusted slightly to accommodate online attendance. Thank you for pivoting with us. 

*You will need to have a foam roller at home to participate. Available for purchase and in-studio pickup for those in the Twin Cities*


A Note from the IntraAwareness Team:
The health and wellness of our community's Body, Mind, Spirit, and Success as always been our main focus, on March 9th we pivoted quickly and moved all of our IntraAwareness Lifestyle Studio Classes online in order to lessen our collective points of contact and promote heart-centered awareness. Thank you for your continued commitment to your Self and supporting IntraAwareness' mission by participating in our valuable class offerings and online coaching. We are in this together.

*PLEASE Use Code "OnlineConnection" for 50% off of this class as we come together during this unprecedented time. #WeAreTheCalm



Increase Your Body Consciousness With Weekly Russian Yoga™ Classes 

Russian Yoga™ is the world’s fastest, most effective way to lengthen your muscles, relax your mind and become flexible as a person. Through utilizing your body’s natural mechanics and combining Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation with Myofascial Release, you will rapidly unlock the full potential of your body’s total range of motion.

Each of these classes compounds the results you receive in greater body freedom through myofascial release and greater muscle movement.

You will immediately notice a difference in the way you walk and function physically. PLUS being the mind is stored in the whole body, as you become more flexible physically, you will also release unwanted emotions that no longer serve you.

Our instructors are elite level trainers with decades of 1-1 personal training experience. They easily guide beginners to athletes to receive the results they are looking for. As a Lifestyle Training Studio, we go beyond one workout and focus on your body's harmonic natural mechanics as a way to increase the overall quality of life for our community.

Special Instructions

Online Class Note: You must have a foam roller at home to use for this class. 


Virtual Zoom Class: Links are provided in your confirmation email. Please use the Zoom Link if you will be even one minute late to class. You can use the "Zoom Join-In Button" up to 15 minutes before class begins. (Reminder: If you are joining after the class has begun you must use the join-in link sent automatically in your confirmation email. The instructor will be teaching class and not be able to send you the link personally after class begins.)


Thank you for adapting to this new automated process!