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BAR Babes

Designed for beginner pole fitness students interested in learning how pole fitness can assist with
the attainment of weight loss, muscle toning, increased flexibility, and confidence enhancement. This class is an orientation to new pole fitness clients.

This class is not progressive, but will support you in being able to decide if you'd like to step into our 90 Day Program for challenge and positive self change.

This class is subject to co-ed participation and is offered as an express class.

Did You Know?

For a LIMITED Time we offer Monday Night BAR Babes classes complimentary if you are new to the studio? The BAR Babes class is offered in the form of a 30 minute express class and is first come first reserve. NO GROUPS ALLOWED!!

See Here for Details!


*The FREE BAR Babes Class Applies to the Monday Weekday Class Only. *You Must be BRAND NEW to the Power BAR Women's Fitness to Claim Free Class. If this is not your first visit - the Free Voucher Will NOT Apply**

* Wear shorts, T-shirt, socks, and tennis shoes
* Must have an ONLINE RSVP to attend class
* RSVPS are based on first come first serve basis
* Complimentary Class is good as a one time use only - One per person
* Late Class Arrivals can not be rescheduled
* Absolutely no groups! Groups of 4 or more MUST reserve a private class
* This class is for those interested in Pole Fitness as an ongoing fitness program

Sexiness Ratings of Class
NS – Non-Sexy

Class Content Focus Rating
P – Pole
FL – Flexibility
F – Fitness

Special Instructions