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Have a song in your heart that you’re ready to unleash? Have lyrics but no music? Or music but no lyrics? Maybe you already have both but are looking for someone to review your work or want some recording options…

Swing by for a safe space to review your work or come up with new compositions. Writing music can be fun, grounding, cathartic, and healing. Above all, it is a great opportunity to stop and listen to what’s going on inside. You have a heartbeat. It helps you through the rhythms of your day. Now let it help you get your thoughts out as they reverberate off the walls of your world and beyond.

Adrienne Selina of Medicine Music Collective will guide students of all skill levels through the process of getting started, letting go of inhibitions, unblocking barriers, choosing writing partners, and editing one’s work. No musical experience required. However, if you do play an instrument and would like to bring it along, please do! Students may keep their work private or share and collaborate with others depending on what feels right to them. All subject matter is welcomed whether it personal, silly, topical or otherwise!

Special Instructions