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In this 90' yoga class, we will explore the deeper meanings of the Sun Salutations, its ancient traditions, origins, intended uses, benefits, and evolution through the years. But more importantly, we will discover how to use them so to unlock our divine potential, reclaim lost energy & to take control of our life.

To better emphasize the transformative powers of this practice, and to honor its origins as the fundamental structure of popular vinyasa, we will break it all down into three main layers.

Layer #1: The Body.
We'll begin by warming up the muscles and by prepping the joints, to then proceed by breaking down various anatomical engagements, for safety and injury prevention. We will occasionally use props and straps for added support & better muscle-skeletal alignment, so if you have your tools, make sure to bring them).

Layer #2: The Mind.
The second layer introduces the appropriate breathing techniques and how they support us on and off our mat. As the parallels between modern-day neuroscience and Vedic wisdom begin to surface, the bridging between the conscious and the subconscious mind occurs, thus empowering us to become more present and mindful throughout the day. 

Layer #3: The Spirit.
The third layer adds an active meditative approach to the practice. As we journey through the postures and breathe in and out of them, we'll call to mind specific universal principles, virtues, and bodily functions. We are thus establishing a more profound sense of self-awareness.


All levels.

Special Instructions