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Exploring Consciousness is an intensive workshop offering you opportunities to engage in consciousness exploration, self-discovery, healing, and personal transformation. You will be introduced to two expanded consciousness states, which enable you to better understand your total self and access untapped inner resources. 

This workshop will be held at Bo Bartlett's art studio in the Swift Mill Lofts, and lunch will be catered by Bare Roots Farmacy. All participants receive a training manual, over five hours of hemi-sync exercises, a take-home exercise, and discounts for Monroe Institute residential programs, as well as for the Hemi-Sync app.

All Exploring Consciousness workshops are conducted by Monroe Institute certified Outreach Trainers, and your trainer for this workshop is Ben Link.

Exploring Consciousness is based on the first two days of the Monroe Institute's 5-day/6-night residential program the Gateway Voyage®.  

Common Results and Benefits

This workshop is facilitated and enhanced by the use of Hemi-Sync®, a powerful audio-guidance technology which has been effectively and safely used for decades. The results of the exercises and tools (both during the workshop and afterwards) vary considerably from person to person, but  participants typically report the following benefits and experiences:

  • Access to inner guidance
  • Enhanced meditations
  • Enhanced intuition and creativity
  • Insights regarding issues in life
  • Release of fears and limiting beliefs
  • Expanded awareness
  • Deep physical relaxation 
  • Mental calm and clarity
  • Stress reduction 
  • More energy for daily life
  • Improved sleep
  • Effective problem solving
  • Physical and emotional healing
  • Enhanced concentration and learning
  • Greater synchronicity in daily life
  • Greater knowing of the Total Self

Although not as common, some report communication with deceased loved ones, out-of-body experiences (OBEs), and various mystical experiences.

The Nature of the Workshop 

Participants experience a series of Hemi-Sync® exercises and practical exercises. Everyone will participate in the audio exercises at the same time, but each person will perceive their experiences and insights in their own unique way. During the exercises, participants lie in a comfortable position on an air mattress with pillows and a blanket or cover. The program is quite intensive, but participants usually experience profound relaxation and feel more centered, grounded, and re-energized afterwards.

Participants are able to work on their own issues, engage in self-healing, seek guidance, and find out more about their total self. Each exercise is followed by notetaking or journaling and group sharing session. Sharing experiences is always optional, but participants are encouraged to do so as it contributes greatly to everyone’s learning and experience.

Everyone can expect to return home with the experience, knowledge, and skills to access and benefit from expanded states of consciousness, as well as how to apply what they've learned to their daily life.

Special Instructions

What to bring: 

1. Journal and pen - you will receive a workshop manual which has space for taking notes and recording your experiences, but we ecourage you to bring a journal if you would prefer dedicated space for taking notes and recording your experiences.

2. Dress for Comfort - You will be lying on air mattresses for the exercises, and your body temperature may vary throughout the workshop. Wear loose, comfortable, and casual clothes (layers recommended), so you can adjust depending on your comfort needs throughout the day. 

3. Pillows/Blankets - Please bring any pillows or blankets you wish. It’s suggested you wash them in natural detergent before bringing, as we will be in close quarters. 

4. Water Bottle - It's recommended you remain hydrated, so please bring a refillable water bottle for the weekend. 

5. Eye covers - reducing your perception of light can be very beneficial during the exercises, so please bring a sleep mask or eye cover of your preference.

6. Headphones - Although headphones will be provided, you may bring your own instead. Please ensure your headphones are STEREO.

Arrive 15-30 minutes before the day's start time, so you may get comfortable and settled. We begin promptly, and there are no make-ups for tardiness.

Two lunches will be provided and catered by Bare Roots Farmacy. If you have special dietary needs, please let your workshop trainer know ONE WEEK before the start day. You are free to bring your own snacks and you will be notified ahead of time if any other participants have food allergies. All participants should remain together for meals/breaks to maintain the group energy and to remain on schedule. 

Limit mobile phones and other communication devices. This weekend is a special time for you to focus on yourself, largely free from the demands and concerns of the outside world. Please make all necessary arrangements with family members and others before you arrive. If you have to use your mobile devices, please do so only during lunch.

No Photography, video, and audio recording in any form are not allowed. 

No Alcohol and mind-altering drugs - Avoid using these before, during, and after the workshop, because they are counterproductive to the Hemi-Sync process. However, if you currently take prescription drugs, please continue to use them as needed.

Smoking is permitted only in outside parking area.

If you are not familiar with Hemi-Sync, please listen to the Gateway Voyage® Introductory Exercise on The Monroe Institute’s website: CLICK HERE (You will need to set up an account on the TMI website by providing your email address and creating a username and password.)

Sleep – Come to the workshop well rested. Most participants find the Hemi-Sync exercises to be extremely relaxing and are able to remain alert more easily if they have had adequate sleep beforehand. 

Accommodations – If needed, please make your own arrangements for overnight accommodations.

**Everyone who completes this workshop will receive a $200-off discount for a Gateway Voyage residential program, a take home exercise for home practice, a free month discount to use the Hemi-Sync® app on iPhone or Android, and their training manual.**