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TLYH provides our very own yoga curriculum in many school programs around Austin. We offer semester-long programs with a focus on mindfulness and specific yogic themes.

Movement: For strength, flexibility & coordination

Breath: Learn to use the breath as a tool to calm down & relieve stress

Mindfulness & Relaxation: Learn to calm the mind and body

Play: We teach yoga, yogic theory & meditation to kids in a playful, age-appropriate way!

Special Instructions

The program at Summitt is held in Ms. Metzger's room (portable 5B). The first day of the session the kiddos will meet our teachers outside the front office and walk to the class together. After that, we will all meet directly at the classroom. 

Any day your child is not going to be in this class please let us know! You can either email us at or call 512-358-6190. 

Pick up will be at 4pm. If you are more than 5 minutes late, you will be charged $1/minute.