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Lift Lab is a focused training program that progressively strengthens the entire body. This program utilizes tried and true methods that methodically increases loads that will make your entire body stronger.

Lift Lab utilizes basic lifts and movements necessary for increased strength and power which will also result in creating more lean muscle and increased metabolism.

The program includes:

  • Primary barbell and olympic lifts: Including squats, overhead press, bench press, cleans, and deadlift.
  • Tailored coaching and personal attention to ensure your form is technically sound, safe and modified to your specific needs.
  • Accessory movements targeted for strength, quality movement, as well as some specific metabolic conditioning.

Team Training is included for conditioning-focused workout to enhance your strength training.

Personal Training, formerly small group training is semi-private training in a group of 1-6 people that is customized to help you excel and get the results you desire. You will benefit from hands on coaching and tailored programming to meet your personal needs. Plus you will have ongoing accountability and support from your fellow group members.



Special Instructions