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This training prepares one in all the skills necessary to offer a complete and safe full body Thai massage. In three weekends you can get certified as a Thai Yoga Bodywork therapist, while learning three hours of relaxing and therapeutic Thai Massage techniques. These can then be combined in various ways to create individualized treatments for your friends, family and/or clients. You can choose to take single days, a weekend or the first two weekends to learn the full two hour 'foundational flow.' Add in the final weekend for therapeutic applications and certification*.

With a strong emphasis on proper body dynamics and how to use leverage, you will learn how to effortlessly apply pressure to sore muscles, energy lines & trigger points as well as learn how to bring your partner through a series of assisted yoga stretches to fully open and relax them.

This training has been refined for over a decade to offer all students the ability to master these skills in a short amount of time. After completing the course, all dedicated practitioners should be able to offer a profoundly healing and delightful treatment.

Each day you will learn a new thirty minute routine focusing on a specific body area in a specific position, ultimately resulting in over three hours of techniques. Courses can be taken individually or you can sign up for the full training at a discount. This is a wonderful way to complement the massage or yoga that you are currently offering and provide yourself with a new skill and income stream. You will receive a detailed guidebook with pictures and descriptions to aid in your ongoing practice. A comprehensive DVD is also available to practice at home with.

Previous massage and/or yoga studies are recommended but not required. This work is dynamic and does require some strength and dexterity. Please watch the video clip below to see if you can imagine yourself being able to perform such maneuvers. If in doubt, please contact me.

* *For certification, you will need to complete all six days and also complete 10 practice sessions, including 1 session with a LMT.

For RYT300 complete at least 4 sessions.

October 31:  Supine Position
November 1: Side Lying Position

November 7: Prone, Child's & Seated Position
November 8: Double Leg Stretches, Head, Neck, & Energy Work

December 12: Therapeutic Stretches 1

December 13: Therapeutic Stretches 2

10:00-5:00pm each day


$545* = Full Certification & all six days (36 CE's)

$115 = Any Single Day (6 CE's) - Please email to register

Early bird discount - $50 before 9/9/19

*NCBTMB and Yoga Alliance approved for 6 CE's per day
Michael Sitzer, NC LMBT, NCBTMB Michael has been teaching Thai Massage workshops for over a decade. He teaches for the Kripalu School of Massage and AB Tech college in Asheville, North Carolina.

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