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Keywords:  Super efficent miles when you need them

We will focus on strategic application of pacing and power.  Triathletes looking for a brick option are encouraged to leave the bike and run out the front door!  

The weekender is made for you and your busy schedule.  We get it, some days, the slog across the bridge just doesn’t fit the schedule.  But let’s face it, you need to get some miles in and you need them to be quality.   

The weekender is a 2 hour formatted class that will provide sets of race pace efforts to keep you in tune with your fitness and provide a highly focused, efficient workout.


Special Instructions

Tailwind Studio Reserve athletes do not need to sign up in advance as you will be prebooked  and are guaranteed access to your preselected group slots. 

Open Spots can be booked using our Open Ride/Single Class Unit system; weekend classes are 3 units. 

These classes are not available to our Off-Peak Studio Rider members unless they purchase Open Ride/Single Class Units.