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Heart Bridge Breathwork is a powerful approach to connecting the physical body to the emotional and energetic body.  This connection allows you to discover self-exploration and personal empowerment through deep and controlled breathing.


The physical body is connected to the subtle body through channels (nadis) through which prana (life-force) circulates. There are 72,000 nadis, they are the flow patterns of the psychosomatic system.


Among this multitude of pathways of prana, 3 have special esoteric significance: the central channel called the sushumna-nadi and the two channels that wind around it known as the ida-nadi and the pingala-nadi.


101 nadis are connected directly to the heart and only one of these nadis passes directly to the crown of the head. These nadis are the bridge to heart opening and higher levels of conciousness.


To bridge over requires rapid breath accompanied by emotive music in a protected and safe setting. The breath will activate the brain such as psychoactive drugs would, but is completely drug free. The hyper oxygenated brain will help release the thought processes that have held us back and can allow the psyche to experience deep and vivid meditation or visions.

Special Instructions