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Another new workout trend has arisen from the hills of Hollywood, California. The pound workout is a new workout technique created by Carrie Ekins, who was in a wheelchair at the time when she came up with pound fit. The wheel-bound Ekins used drumming as an inspiration to come up with something that is an intense mix between cardio, taiko, and dance. Just another trend or a healthy source of cardio? We investigate and list the top 10 health benefits of the pound workout. 

Great for working out the core

The pound workout is designed to work out the entire body from abs, core, and glute. Pound fit targets the core more often than other movement techniques because you’re constantly twisting your ab area.

Conditioning moves

Pound fit is unique in the form of how it started, with drummers, and used as a new innovative way to get a full body workout.

Cardio Interval Training

Pound Fit is a great way to shed some pounds all over. Not only does it burn fat while exercising, but cardio interval training helps you burn fat even after your workout. It’s intense, but worth it.

Improves focus to build a healthy immune system

Any form of exercise can build a healthier immune system, but with pound fit this workout that involves moving every part of your body at the same time accelerates and focuses on the movement to the drums makes for better concentration!

Lose Weight

Pound Fit is a fast paced workout, which keeps the momentum going and really adds up the amount of calories after each workout.

Improve Mood

Aerobics are great way not only to lose weight, but also fight depression, decrease your chances of getting diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Any form of exercise is great for mentally clearing your mind and also to improve your cognitive function and abilities.

Helps Patients Recover During Physical Therapy

Most challenging physical therapy is one of the best ways to strengthen your joint muscles, core, and bones. The creators Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Pereenboom joined forces to create Pound Fit; both stemmed from a less healthy place and they truly believe that exercise could speed up their recovery. This workout  can be adapted to those with limited mobility, which is a huge advantage.

Full-body Workout

Pound fit is similar to pilates in the way that they both work the upper and lower body, tone, and that it also works the back and core.

Fun yet diverse workout

It’s a combination of pilates, cardio, drumming, and light resistance. Working out isn’t fun for everyone, so Pound Fit offers a variety of different workout techniques to keep you going.  The diversity this workout offers makes it mentally and physically challenging that keeps you on your toes!

Motivating and uplifting

What makes Pound Fit unique is that is highly motivating in the way drummers beat and you can experience many different genres of music. This kind of workout can boost your memory skills.


So come out and Try this innovative fun workout. U will be glad U did!

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