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The best prenatal yoga in Houston, for 10 years and counting.

Prenatal yoga is offered at Alcove Yoga as a series of classes each month exclusively for mothers-to-be. Students commit to one month of classes, and have the option to continue month by month.

Learn safe postures for the growing needs of mother and child throughout the pregnancy, to calm the mind, relieve aches and pains, and improve the quality of sleep and rest. Some classes will be devoted to pranayama (breathing exercises). 

Special Instructions

Students should wear shorts or tights and a tee shirt. We practice with bare feet.

Be sure to eat something light one hour before class to avoid low blood sugar.

All props and mats are provided.

Please park in the studio driveway (3 cars should fit);  on the studio side of Cortlandt Street, or on 7th street.

There are no refunds or credits issued for missed classes, but you may be able to make up a class. Here's how--

Instructions for Make-Ups: If you cannot make your regularly scheduled class, you may cancel that class and the credit may be used for another class within the month. (Saturday people can cancel and make up in Monday and vice-versa). This all depends on available space in the class. 

Go to MY SCHEDULE, then CANCEL the selected class. Go to BOOK NOW and look for the class you want. You may have to scroll down to find the session you want--whether in the Monday registration or the Saturday one. Check the date to make sure it's the class you want. If there is no availabilty, you will be placed on a waitlist. When there is a space for you, you will receive an email and an SMS notification. You must confirm within 3  HOURS to be placed in the class. Once you confirm, you're in.

Note: YOU MUST CANCEL NO LESS THAN 48 HOURS prior to the beginning of class time in order to have the credit in your account. A Late cancel is a lost class with no makeup available. Please note, as soon as you cancel your spot in your regular class, that spot becomes "OPEN" for someone else on the wait list to take.