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Our vinyasa classes are a dynamic blend of classical and modern yoga philosophies. Classes are specifically designed to break attachments, create energy and vitality, and purify the body and mind. The breath becomes a meditation and is utilized to create space from the inside out. Focus is on waking up the spine, balancing the body, and becoming strong and flexible. This variation of JM Vinyasa is geared specifically for beginners. In this class, we will move slower and break down the fundamental elements of each posture.
Beginners Welcome
This is a one-hour class suitable for students that are new to yoga. Explanation will be given on how to achieve each pose to the best of the student's ability with an emphasis on proper alignment and breath. New students are encouraged to introduce themselves to the teacher in the minutes before class and let him or her know that they are beginners so that the teacher can make sure they feel supported as they work to establish their yoga practice. Intermediate and advanced students are also welcome, and free to adjust their practice during this class accordingly.