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Meditation 101 Workshop: Mindfulness Made Easy

Join Margo for an introductory study of the what's, how's and why's of meditation and mindfulness practices. This workshop is intended for new and experienced yogis and non-yogis alike who would like to pause in this fast pace world from time to time.

It is your opportunity to participate some experiential learning with different styles of meditation and mindfulness to find the one (or few) that serves you best.

This two hour workshop will include:

  • discussion of the latest research about what meditation is doing for the brain,
  • and opportunity to explore some of the most common meditation and mindfulness techniques, including: mindfulness journaling, breathing & gazing meditations, mantras & japa mala meditations, walking & moving meditations, and yoga nidra meditation.

All participants will also receive their choice of a personal journal or japa mala beaded necklace to help build their meditation and mindfulness practice at home.

COST: $45 ***Early Bird Special: just $35 when you pre-book by March 5, 2020***

(Longevita Members with monthly autopay memberships receive additional discounts on all workshops.)

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