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Looking for more confidence and guidance for the Minnesota Pole Competitions, Land of Lakes Pole Fest Showcase, or other event? Get group and one-on-one time working to create your own piece for an upcoming show/event.

Learn topics such as: Get Competition Ready, Slay Your Musicality, Elevate Your Transitions, Performance Makeup, Combine Creative Combos, Unlock Your Stage Presence, and MORE!

You will receive a worksheet at each class that includes tips and secrets to help you on your journey. This is for ALL levels and experiences.

Sign up online!

8-week session (2 hours per week*)
*You get a full hour of instruction and group work AND a full hour of open pole time to practice and create each week.

Each Tuesday (classes on Dec 24th are closed and moved forward to the following week):

8:00p-9:00p Instructor-guided 60 min workshop with online group support
9:00p-10:00p Self-guided 60 min open studio class

KO members $172
(email for discount code)
NON-members $198

Minimum attendance requirement 5 students.

Myss Angie has been teaching, training, and performing pole dance and fitness since 2009, been a pole judge since 2014, holds 1st and 3rd place titles from PSO competitions. She is also the founder and artistic director at Pole and Performing Art and organizes multiple pole dance and performance events each year.

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