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This course will teach playing methods of gemstone singing bowls.  Learn how to properly use mallets and bowls placements for different room settings. Ed will talk about the different ways that sound works, plus what kind of speed, pressure, and rotation to use for different singing bowls. You will learn how to use the singing bowls to deepen a meditative experience, and more!

This training is appropriate for all levels of experience, including those who are self-taught by helping them raise their skill set.  Instruments will be provided, and some are available if you wish to invest.
This course must be completed for the level 2 class with Handheld Singing Bowls.


Crystal singing bowls generate specific sound waves that create natural

brainwave frequencies. Depending on the bowls used, the sounds produced

can be slow or fast.  Slow waves are associated with alpha, delta, and theta

brainwaves. Delta sounds are associated with deep meditation, sleep, and inner peace. Theta sounds are associated with meditative and calm states of consciousness. Alpha sounds are associated with relaxed, tranquil awake states of consciousness. Beta sounds are associated with focus and concentration while Gamma is associated with peak performance, memory, and energy.

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