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Working in an office can break down our body, mind, and soul if we do not take the time for rest , and restoration!  This class, a salute to all of the office desk workers out there, is designed to take everyone's self-care regimen to the next level.  It includes breath work to calm the mind, simple poses to stretch and strengthen the parts of the body most impacted by office work, and a short meditation to feed the soul.  We also share valuable information regarding 'ideal posture' and ergonomics in the workplace.  Come join us!

Special Instructions

Starting Tuesday March 17th all yoga classes are now offered online. When you book your class, you will receive an email one hour before class with the Zoom link to access the virtual class. You can access zoom on your laptop, tablet or phone from the comfort of your home. Download the quick/easy app ahead of time to be fully prepared.

Wear comfortable clothes, bring your mat and water.  All other props are provided.