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Sliding Scale Workshop with Seebie Sparklehaus and Bondage Cupcakes! Pay what you can. No fee to register, pay at the door.
Recommended amount: $30

- Architecture of Choreography -  
This two-hour workshop examines the components and vocabulary of choreography, and develops them using exercises applicable to any apparatus. (We will have lyras, silks, and hammock available. Contact Seebie if you need to rig another apparatus)

All apparatuses welcome. Students need to feel comfortable exploring on their apparatus to get the most out of this workshop.

Bring a notebook, water, choreography ideas and your creative brain. Consider doing research before class by exploring at an open gym, watching video of aerialists, or thinking about what interests you, in order to come to class ready to engage in these ideas. Dress for aerial class, but bring warmup layers to stay warm during discussion breaks.

Special Instructions